• All under one roof

Why eSmile?

  • Professionally trained Dentists.

  • Holistic approach in diagnosing each patient.

  • Individual attention and multiple specialists for every speciality.

  • In-House Digital x-rays (very minimal exposure to radiation, instant on screen evaluation).

  • Complete evaluation is done at the 1st visit for all dental patients.

  • Pre and Post operative Photos taken for all cosmetic procedures – on request.

  • Complete client history and records maintained.

  • Never miss an appointment - reminder by phone, mail or text sms according to clients choice.

  • Treatment planning and treatment options given upfront to the client, to avoid cost confusion.

  • Good levels of instrument packing and sterilization (class B)

  • Highly trained staff.

  • Equipped with standardized products to meet the demands of every client.

  • State of art technology and soothing ambiance.


  • Situated in the heart of Chennai city.

  • Easy access to the clinic from any area in and around Chennai.

  • Ample car parking space within campus and lift facility.

  • Visits on appointment basis, no long waiting periods

  • Digital payment options.

  • In House Imaging - Radiographs, no need to travel to another location

Quality, not quantity